About March

Our goal is to move the collectibles market forward. After years in the business, we (and our clients) have become frustrated with the shortcomings of the collectibles industry. We aim to solve these problems, while opening the high end of the market to the everyday person.

March is making collecting portable, quick, and transferable with very low fees. We are utilizing the blockchain to issue indirect interests in high end collectibles to astute buyers. Now, collectors can own fractional shares of incredible assets, holding them digitally and gaining quick liquidity when they want to sell.

How it Works

  • Collectibles Added

    The in house experts and advisors at March.com procure top quality collectibles that are authenticated and valuated in-house. These items are placed on our platform.

  • Shares Created

    Clients are able to visit March.com and purchase shares in the items they want to invest in. The acquisition is quick with no fees for the buyer. The shares instantly arrive in the client’s account.

  • True Fractional Ownership

    This model provides true fractional ownership as our clients purchase interests in high value items. Now, collecting is democratized and the high end of the market is open to regular buyers. We have digitized collecting and made investing in collectibles simple.

  • Ownership Interest

    Investors that participate in the initial offering of an item are required to be accredited investors. There is a mandatory one-year holding requirement.

  • Safe and Secure Storage

    The collectibles portfolio will be housed in a secure storage facility, eliminating the burdens of storage and insurance for the collector. March Blockchain Corporation will pay all required storage and insurance fees.

  • Quick Liquidity for Owners

    Shares will be available for public purchase and resale on an exchange after a mandatory one-year holding period. Our model provides near instant liquidity, with minimal fees for collectors for the first time ever.

  • Voting Participation

    Your voice matters! Shareholders will enjoy voting participation when decisions are made. You will be able to participate in periodic voting , giving our leadership the ability to gauge the interests of the group.

  • Moving Collectibles Forward

    Our process has solved the major problems plaguing the collectibles industry: we have nearly eliminated fees and long waiting periods, we have created a peer to peer way to buy and sell an indirect interest in high value items and we have given the general public a way to participate in the high end of the collectibles market.

Past vs. March

Current Collectible Market Compared to March

The Old Way

Buyer and Seller Fees

Buyer’s and seller’s fees up to 30% when purchasing from dealers

No outrageous fees when buying and selling shares

Waiting Periods

Long waits of 6-12 months to sell items

Much quicker liquidity process when you are ready to sell your position

Public Participation

High end not accessible to most of the public

Anyone can participate in the high end of the market

Buyer and Seller Communication

No person to person access for buyers and sellers

A true peer to peer solution for collectors


Collectibles must be stored and insured

Collecting is completely digital with no overhead



Aron Meystedt  

Founder of March.com




Justin Spring  

Lead Product Manager


Tsubasa Furukawa  

Technical Lead


Julian Lozano  

Head of Design


Bryce Komae  

Art Director


Dave Berkus  

Business Advisor


Grant Van Cleve  

Strategic Advisor


Jim Pickell  

Strategic Advisor


Board Member


Board Member


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