Hello. I’m Aron Meystedt, based in Orange County, CA.
I’ve been collecting unique items since I was a kid back in 1987. Starting with baseball and basketball cards, I added sneakers in the 90s, Japanese cars in the 2000s and vintage video games in the past year or two.

I’ve amassed a 7-figure+ collection, and I’ve watched the value of my collectible investment rise year after year. I feel there are key reasons why the specific collectibles I chose have risen in value — and I will share these reasons with you soon.

I’ve focused on hard-to-find items that captured the attention of a generation. My vintage video game collection includes 3 of the 10 known sealed copies of Baseball Stars for the NES as well as (likely) the only known sealed case of Street Fighter II for SNES. This sealed case houses 6 never-seen-the-light-of-day original print copies of Street Fighter II — a game that has tens of millions of worldwide fans.

Sealed Street Fighter II Case for SNES
Three of the 10 Known Sealed Copies of Baseball Stars for the SNES

Somewhere along the way I started collecting domain names (yes, seriously). Good ones are rare, the carrying costs are incredibly low and they have a utility that spans well beyond just speculation.

I ended up acquiring the very first .com ever registered on the Internet: Symbolics.com — making it an Internet History Museum for the more than 100,000 people that stumble upon the site each year. Most find it from social media mentions and news articles about “historical firsts”.

Symbolics.com — the World’s First and Oldest .com on the Web

My expertise in domain names prompted Heritage Auctions, the world’s largest auctioneer of collectibles, to hire me. There I started the ‘Digital Asset Department’. This enabled Heritage to become the first mainstream auction house to sell digital goods. In a few years, I took the one-man-operation to 8-figures in sales, transacting a significant amount of 5 and 6-figure domain name assets. We helped make domain names “collectibles”.

I’ve been mentioned in various media such as:
CNN Money, Tech Crunch, Fox News, NY Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Car and Driver, Domain Name Journal, Wired, PC World, Dallas Business Journal, Boing Boing, Washington Post, Mashable, Gizmodo, NPR and many others. It seems ‘owning the first .com ever’ gave me access to a lot of reporters who wanted to cover an interesting tech story. Very fortunate to own that unique name.

In addition to domain names, sports cards and video games I also have a solid collection of original Air Jordan shoes from the 90s as well as a Japanese sports car collection. I have a master’s degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas (Go Ponies!)…. We can discuss all of that another time.

My love for collectibles has prompted an obsession with digging into the available data for the growing hobby. Several questions came to my mind such as, “Are collectible prices predictable?”, “Why isn’t there a collectibles market index?” and is there an easier way to participate in the upside of this industry?” These questions have led me on a journey that I will start sharing here on March.com.

We first started exploring unique ways to analyze collectibles data, in order to give us an advantage when trading collectibles. We’re now making our research available to the public.

Our index is a real-time snapshot of the health of the collectibles market. It is real-time and continuously updates. Starting with sports memorabilia, we will expand the index into multiple categories with individual sub-indices as well.

Millions of people are interested in the collectibles market – and our index gives individuals and investors a reason to pay attention and transact. We have analyzed millions of publicly reported transactions, from more than 15 auction houses — and we are continuing to add public and exclusive data sources.

Millions of people are interested in the collectibles market – and our index gives individuals and investors a reason to pay attention and transact.

We have 50+ indices created and we will share them with you soon. We will also produce reports outlining the macroeconomic factors that move the collectibles market. Our newsletter features analysis that can help you make collectible investment decisions. I’d love to have you subscribe to take this journey with us.

We are a team of data scientists and collectibles enthusiasts — looking to move this incredible market forward. Our advisors have created incredible companies and even a publicly traded index. Contact us via the email listed in the footer.

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