March is the authoritative index for the collectibles market

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About Our Index

Our indices and predictive models were created for a small group of collectors -- to help us make better buying and selling decsions. Our index methodology, item selections and predictive research will be made public over time. Our items have been carefully tracked, selected and present-value prices predicted to maintain an up-to-the-second snapshot of the health of the sports memorabilia market.

The collectibles universe, as we see it, is shown via the chart below and the real-time index value.

March Index (entire collectibles market) Today This Year


Collectibles in our index


Number of transactions analyzed


Real-time valuation algorithms

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Ken Griffey Jr. Today This Year

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80s and 90s Stars Index Today This Year

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About Us

Our index is a real-time snapshot of the health of the collectibles market. Starting with sports memorabilia, we will expand the index into multiple categories with individual sub-indices as well. Millions of people are interested in the collectibles market – and our index gives individuals and investors a reason to pay attention and transact. We have analyzed millions of publicly reported transactions, from more than 15 auction houses -- and we are continuing to add public and exclusive data sources.

We have 50+ indices created and we will share them with you soon. We will also produce reports outlining the macroeconomic factors that move the collectibles market. Sign up for updates and take the journey with us!

The founders of are lifelong collectors and they come from major auction houses as well as large data analytics firms. Our advisors have created public indices for major exchanges as well. Contact us via the email listed in the footer.