The NEXT Big Tradable Asset!

The $300bn collectibles market is about to be disrupted!  We are creating a way for you to DIGITALLY trade this market just like you do with stocks and options on Robinhood and other platforms.

Think: sports cards, comic books, vintage video games etc.

A few features of our trading platform, in development, include:

  • 100% Digital Positions. 

    No need to figure out which collectibles to buy and how to store or insure them.

  • True Liquidity!
    No need to learn where to sell collectibles.

  • Low Fees

    No need to pay huge fees on auction platforms or marketplace when you want liquidity.

  • Real-Time 

    You can see how your positions are doing, up-to-the-second.

I am Aron Meystedt, founder of March.  I've amassed a serious collection of sports cards, sneakers, vintage video games and Japanese cars.  

I started the 'Digital Asset' category at Heritage Auctions, where we became the first mainstream auction house to sell digital assets -- and we sold 8-figures worth in just a few short years.

I'm excited to show you what we're working on.

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