LeBron James is one of the greatest stars in NBA history. It’s no surprise that collectors and investors flock to his key cards and game-worn memorabilia.

One of the most coveted items with fans and collectors is LeBron’s 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie Card. The ‘Refractor’ variant was manufactured in limited quantities – and finding one with a Gem Mint 10 grading by PSA is tough. Prices of these collectibles have greatly increased the past few years.

Our LeBron James index is shown below. We track much more than graded card prices. We are aggregating prices from 15+ sources, cleaning and sorting the data. Using our unique IP, we are clustering items together in groups. We also can estimate real-time demand. All of this helps us track the health of the ‘LeBron James Collectibles Market’ in real-time.

Interesting analysis:
You can see the overall demand for LeBron memorabilia was starting to slow and drop as 2020 started.
However, the pandemic and lockdown that started in early March pushed collectibles into the spotlight and you can see an early upward trend that started. Prices and interest immediate shot up in March then prices slowly started to correct. But, money printing, including a $3Trillion stimulus package in the United States became cause for concern among investors.

Check the chart — the stimulus was passed and distribution started in early May, which propelled LeBron collectibles upward as investors began seeking truly scarce assets for their money. Seeking yield anywhere they could find it, LeBron collectibles fit the bill. In recent months, the demand and prices for LeBron memorabilia has started a parabolic trend.

Will it continue?

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